SAC Certification

Recognized and well-respected in Canada and internationally

Program Overview

SAC’s Certification Program takes a modernized approach to certification, and allows members to demonstrate to employers and the general public their commitment to life-long learning. As a long-standing professional designation, SAC Certification is recognized and well-respected in Canada and internationally. SAC Certification is a voluntary program and not a requirement for SAC membership, however most SAC members chose to pursue SAC Certification. SAC Certified members may use the S-LP(C) or Aud(C) credential after their name.

The new program includes three levels of Certification:

A. Provisional Certification (Enrollment begins November 2020)

Provisional Certification is the first step in SAC Certification. The enrollment period for provisional certification runs concurrent to the SAC membership renewal process every year, from November 1 to December 31. The 1-year provisional certification period ends on December 31 each year. During the provisional certification period members may add the following professional designation (C) Provisional to their credentials.

Requirements for Provisional Certification:
  • Must be an SAC member.
  • Must complete 20 CEEs in specific CEE Categories from the date of their enrollment to the end of their 1-year provisional certification period. 

Individuals enrolled in Provisional Certification may also work towards achieving one or more Professional Interest(s) by obtaining an additional 20 CEEs in each Professional Interest. These 20 CEEs for each Professional Interest are in addition to the 20 CEEs for provisional certification.

Once the requirements for provisional certification are met at the end of the one year provisional certification period, individuals receive a certificate, are assigned a cycle and may add the (C) professional designation to their credential, for example Aud(C) or S-LP(C).

The 20 CEEs to be completed during the provisional certification period may be achieved in any of the following categories:
  1. Education activities (e.g., attending a conference, attending a workshop, participating in a live webinar etc. specific to your profession); 1 hour = 1 CEE; No maximum.
  2. University/college courses (e.g., taking a full or part-time university or college course specific to your profession; does not include courses taken as part of a speech-language pathology or audiology professional program); 1 hour = 1 CEE; No maximum.
  3. Interest groups (e.g., participating in an ASHA SIG, community of practice etc. specific to your profession); 1 meeting = 1 CEE; No maximum.
  4. Independent study (e.g., reading journal articles, watching a recorded webcast etc. specific to your profession); 1 hour = 1 CEE; No maximum.
  5. Manufacturers presentations (e.g., attending an in-person or virtual presentation by a manufacturer specific to your profession); 1 hour = 1 CEE; No maximum.
  6. Mentorship* (e.g., being a mentee in a program offered through a professional association, regulatory body or in your workplace); 1 hour = 1 CEE; No maximum.

*New graduates are encouraged to participate in SAC’s Career Development Program (or any other equivalent mentorship program) during provisional certification.

B. Certification

Upon successful completion of the provisional certification period members automatically transition into the Certification Program. Certified members must achieve 45 CEEs in each three-year cycle from any of the expanded CEE categories.

To maintain their certification, SAC Certified members must:
  • Renew their SAC membership annually.
  • Complete a “declaration” at the end of their 3-year cycle attesting that their CEE requirements have been achieved. This declaration is completed during the membership renewal process.
  • Participate in the audit process should they be randomly-selected at the end of their 3-year cycle.

C. Certification with Professional Interest (optional)

Certification with Professional Interest is optional for certified members or provisionally certified members. Certified members who choose to pursue one or more professional interest(s) must:

  • Complete an additional 20 CEEs for every professional interest during their 3-year provisional cycle.
  • Maintain SAC Membership and SAC Certification during their entire cycle.
  • Must “declare” the completion of the 20 CEEs per professional interest(s) at the end of their cycle before using the professional designation of “Professional interest in …”

Key Elements of the SAC Certification Program

Entry into the Program

Beginning in fall 2020, professionals wishing to pursue SAC Certification no longer need to write an exam or submit a clinical hours form to SAC. If you are an SAC member, you can become SAC Certified after meeting the requirements of a 1-year provisional period.

Maintaining Certification

SAC Certified members must complete 45 continuing education equivalents (CEEs) over their 3-year cycle. These CEEs can be in any of the CEE activity categories to allow flexibility and encourage members to pursue a range of professional development.

To assist members in reaching these requirements, SAC members have free access to all SAC Webinars and Webcasts as well as free access to the CINAHL Complete journal database

Continuing Education Equivalents (CEE) Categories

SAC is also making it easier for professionals who are SAC Certified to accumulate their CEEs by expanding the number of activity categories and removing many of the maximums of CEEs per category.


Certification with Professional Interest

Certified members wishing to go a step further in the certification process have the opportunity to focus additional professional development in one or more areas of professional interest identified by SAC (e.g., speech, language and literacy development; adult swallowing; tinnitus; implantable hearing devices, etc.).

Information for Currently Certified Members

Can’t remember your certification cycle? Login to the SAC member profile.

Cycle A

2022, 2023, 2024

2025, 2026, 2027

Cycle B

2023, 2024, 2025

2026, 2027, 2028

Cycle C

2021, 2022, 2023

2024, 2025, 2026

Certification with Professional Interest (Optional)

The SAC Certification Program will provide certified members wishing to go a step further in the certification process the opportunity to focus additional professional development in one or more areas of professional interest (e.g. speech, language and literacy development; adult swallowing; tinnitus; implantable hearing devices, etc.). To be able to declare one or more areas of professional interest in the new SAC Certification Program, certified members must complete 20 CEEs in each professional interest over a 3-year cycle, in addition to the 45 CEEs required for certification. 

1 professional interest = 20 additional CEEs.

SAC Certification with Professional Interest is completely voluntary and is not required to maintain certification.

As part of the grand-parenting process, currently certified members will have the opportunity to declare one or more professional interests at the end of their current 3-year cycle, provided they have collected 20 CEEs in the professional interest during their 3-year cycle. These 20 CEES can be part of the current 45 CEE requirement.

For example: if you have accumulated 20 CEEs or more in adult dysphagia out of the 45 CEEs required during your current three-year cycle, you can declare a professional interest in adult swallowing.

By the end of their next 3-year cycle, certified members who have been grand-parented into the new program and who have declared a professional interest during the grand-parenting period, will be required to collect 20 CEEs in order to maintain their professional interest, in addition to the 45 CEEs needed to maintain certification.

Questions? Contact our Certification Department

Information for Internationally Educated Professionals Interested in Pursuing SAC Membership and Certification

Internationally educated professionals wishing to apply for SAC membership and certification should consult the Internationally Educated section of the SAC website.


Bonnie Cooke, Director of Audiology
Anne Carey, Director of Speech-Language Pathology and Communication Health Assistants
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