NIHB Update: Unit Price Change for Cochlear Implant Rechargeable Batteries and COVID-19 Changes Extended to March 31, 2022

Credit: NIHB

As published in the Fall 2021 NIHB Newsletter, effective May 5, 2021, the unit price for rechargeable batteries for cochlear implant processors (codes 99401250 [RT] and 99401251 [LT]) has been revised. Providers are required to bill according to the manufacturer price indicated in the price file for each battery type. This information can be found on the NIHB Provider and Client Website at > provider > medical supplies and equipment > forms. These batteries continue to be covered as an open benefit i.e. no PA is required.

NIHB has also announced that temporary COVID-19 changes have been extended until March 31st, 2022. This includes coverage of delivery charges where delivery of an item is not usually a benefit (prior approval required), coverage for some services provided through tele-audiology as well as laryngectomy and tracheostomy supplies.


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