New Communiqué Article – Building One Reading Brain at a Time: The Journey to Aligning Classroom Practices to the Science of Reading


Credit: Tiffany Kalsi, Julie McDermid & April Hackett-Helmkay

SAC members Tiffany Kalsi, Julie McDermid and April Hackett-Helmkay have been featured in a new article on SAC’s Communiqué Blog for their extensive system-wide work to revolutionize the way educators teach reading.

“Over the last year, our team has embarked on a journey in supporting the educators within the CDSBEO in aligning their classroom practices with the one way that the brain learns to read. Teachers leave teacher’s college not knowing how to teach kids to read, and all of the research on the science of reading and how to teach reading has been buried deep in academic journals. Our mission is to share this information with all educators in our board. Because as Dr Pam Kastner says, every teacher deserves to know the science of reading, and every child deserves a teacher who knows it.”

Read the full article on Communiqué!




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