Preparing for the CETP Exams-AUD/SLP

National Competency Profile - AUD/SLP

Each CETP Exam is based on CAASPR’s National Competency Profiles for each profession.

Exam Blueprints for CETP Exams-AUD/SLP

The CETP Exam questions are developed according to the requirements set out in the CAASPR Blueprint for the CETP Exam.

SAC Code of Ethics

SAC’s Code of Ethics and the Code of Ethics from each regulatory body are useful tools to understand the fundamental principles, values and standards essential to the responsible practice of speech-language pathology and audiology. The underlying values of the Code of Ethics form the rationale for ethical standards and provide the basis for ethical practice and decision-making.

CETP Exam Preparation Webcast and Handout

Click here to download the preparation handout.

Looking for more information or have questions?

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Writing the CETP Exams

After the CETP Exams

Contacts for the CETP Exams

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