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Labour Mobility

Labour Mobility refers to the ability of certified workers to practice their regulated occupation throughout Canada, wherever opportunities to work in that occupation exist.

Labour Mobility provisions of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement state that certified workers have to be recognized as qualified to work by a regulatory body in another province or territory that regulates that occupation, without having to go through significant additional training, work experience, examination or assessment.

In most cases, SL-Ps and audiologists who are registered to practice in Ontario will be required to register for an additional licenses to practice in other provinces.

As part of the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario’s work to eliminate barriers to patients seeking services across provinces, professionals registered in the following provinces (Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick) can apply for a Cross Provincial Practice Certificate. 

This certificate allows registrants to provide clinical services to patients in the participating provinces.

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