Call for Clinical Educators/Supervisors


Credit: Canadian Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education

Canadian audiology and speech-language pathology students need your help. 

Due to the COVID-19, Canadian universities are in critical need of clinical placements. As a result, many students in the Classes of 2021 and 2022 require placements to continue and complete their programs in order for them to graduate. Therefore, there is an exceptional need for clinical educators/supervisors/preceptors across the country to offer clinical experiences in virtual or in-person practice, as public health regulations allow.

Being a clinical educator is an excellent opportunity to share your skills and knowledge and give back to your profession. Students can also support you since they are technology savvy and come with the latest knowledge on therapy and assessment practices. Guidance about Clinical Education/Supervision Models for Virtual and In-Person Placements During the Pandemic is available online.

If you are able to assist us in any way, please contact the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at the university program that is closest to your region (see contact list below). If there is not a Canadian university in your region, please contact Jennifer Wadds at Email and your name will be added to a national list that programs will access to connect you with students who are from your area.

We appreciate your support of our future colleagues!

Thank you –

Canadian Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education

To obtain more information, please contact:

University of British Columbia 

  • Sasha Brown – Audiology: Email
  • Marcia Choi – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

University of Alberta

  • Stuart Cleary – Speech-Language Pathology – Acting: Email

Western University

  • Chris Allan – Audiology: Email
  • Penney Letsos – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

Laurentian University

  • Roxanne Belanger – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

McMaster University

  • Justine Hamilton – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

University of Toronto

  • Lynn Ellwood – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

University of Ottawa

  • Véronique Vaillancourt – Audiology: Email
  • Laurice Mahli – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

McGill University

  • Kelly Root – Speech-Language Pathology: Email
  • Sophie Vaillancourt – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

University of Montreal

  • Isabelle Billard – Audiology: Email
  • Sylvie Martin – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

University of Quebec – Trois Rivieres

  • Caroline Charest – Speech-Language Pathology: Email
  • Amélie Grenier – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

Laval University

  • Anne-Marie Lanoue – Speech-Language Pathology: Email
  • Marianne Croteau – Speech-Language Pathology: Email

Dalhousie University

  • Sarah Mason – Audiology: Email
  • Emily Balkam – Speech-Language Pathology: Email


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